Our team has rich experience in the creation and production of marketing materials for businesses and products as well as the preparation of collateral for trade events and exhibitions. We also offer copywriting, photo retouching, and graphic print for you.

Website Template Framework
Website CI Plan & Solutions
Domain/Hosting Mailbox
VIS Design
Animation Banner Design
Flash Website Design
Following are our website design price range for your reference:
Responsive website design

Shanghai website design

  1. Compatible with IE9.0 or above browsers (IE9, 10, 11, Firefox, chrome, Safari );
  2. Responsive design surpport PC, iphone, iPad (one site with one backend);
  3. Mobile website development;
  4. Global brand building ;
  5. Professional graphical and layout design;
  6. Products manage system(CMS) with Access database;
  7. E-Commerce with shopping cart;
  8. Natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  9. One year free technical support.
Standard business website

Standard business website

  1. HTML page design (Homepage, About us, Contact us, etc);
  2. Visual Identity System;
  3. Flyers Brochures Posters;
  4. Ad Design e-Magazine;
  5. Contact form / Order form;
  6. UI Design;
  7. One year free technical support.
E-commerce website

E-commerce website

  1. SEO & SEM Campaign;
  2. Keywords Strategy;
  3. Social Network Promotion;
  4. Affilate function;
  5. Shopping Cart;
  6. Online Payament model. Paypal / Authorizie.net (AIM, SIM);
  7. Contact form / Order form;
  8. Mobile APPs;
  9. BBS/Forum;
  10. One year free technical support.
Full flash website

Full flash website

  1. Graphic design;
  2. Scence background design;
  3. Action script coding with php or asp, xml;
  4. Database design;
  5. Pictures romance;
  6. Flash story script;
  7. Video / Audio integrate.
Website Platform (Customized big web projects)

Website Platform (Customized big web projects)

  1. B2B / B2C / C2C / O2O / B2B2C platform;
  2. Video website;
  3. Web 2.0 website;
  4. Other customized big websites.